NEW CD FEATURE:  Hot-button excerpts from G.M. Corrigan’s “religio-socio-econo-politico-philo-psycho-romantic (whew!) novel, "Chasing Chickens: A Love Story"

By G.M. Corrigan


 As “the play” was “the thing” for Hamlet to catch the “conscience of the king,” narrative treatment of serious subjects can be a compelling vehicle for conveying truth, clarifying the complex, disabusing the demagogically disserved and, generally, restoring common sense to the commonwealth.

 Until now, ContinentalDivide has endeavored to provide such service to readers through well-crafted expository writing—essays, opinion pieces and critiques—that pulls no punches as it attempts to bridge the nation’s yawning (no pun intended) partisan and ideological divide.

 However, with the arrival of this penultimate year in the…uh, APOCALYPTIC Mayan calendar and with all “the alarms flashing red” for the future of our country, CD’s intrepid editors have decided to stretch the weblog envelope to test a narrative (might we say “saga”?) format for the conveyance of crucial—if not “runcible”— truth. Accordingly, over the next several weeks, issues-charged excerpts from former staff writer G.M. Corrigan’s “late-great” American novel, Chasing Chickens: A Love Story, will be featured.

 “If literate, romance- and vision quest-fired, thriller fiction doesn’t wake this country up to the impending crisis,” Corrigan said from his Cliff Notes- and incunabula-lined study in Frederick, Maryland, “nothing will. Why, I even throw in some rather revealing clinch scenes—all in service of the higher metaphysical issues at play, of course.”

 Kidding aside, the innocuously-entitled Chasing Chickens: A Love Story grapples with issues torn right from the pages of today’s—or, rather, the eighties’—newspapers, but which remain the subject of insightful comment in today’s ContinentalDivide.

 With cogent commentary on religion, politics, male-female relations, economics, conservatism v. liberalism, morality, atheism, faith v. reason, good and evil, sexuality, the creative process and even the writing profession itself, Chasing Chickens: A Love Story is sure to resonate with CD’s informed readership on a number of levels.

 So, take some time out to chase these confounding chickens—and let us know what you think of the pursuit.

 The Publisher

 P.S. See below for official synopsis of Chasing Chickens: A Love Story


                      Synopsis of Chasing Chickens: A Love Story

 © 2011, G.M. Corrigan

 Chasing Chickens: A Love Story is an ambitious undertaking, a story of existential wounding, alienation, love, redemption, and social and religious commentary—with elements of the mysterious throughout—thematically underscoring poignant character conflict and ultimate communion, set in the heady eighties.

 Its main character, Walter Cephalo, an emotionally challenged but sympathetic writer for a major folio books publishing house, has been assigned the introduction for a major company offering, Creeds That Conquered Civilizations. It’s a work that purports to explore and explain the commonalities of the world’s major religions and is attracting fierce ideological interest.

 Walter, the go-to guy for such an undertaking, is stuck—and he begins to suspect his creative paralysis has deeper life implications. Mining this theme, the narrative leads Walter through a series of mysterious encounters—ending ultimately with his love interest, a bartender named Pat—that nudge him away from his self-centered, cerebral lifestyle toward one of greater personal integrity, love and creative insight.

In the course of the dramatic unfolding, cogent commentary on religion, politics, male-female relations, atheism, social convention, economics and the writing profession itself is interwoven. The concept of a blocked writer undergoing redemption may seem hackneyed, but the apparent cliché conceals stunning, Eckhart Tolle-like insights, a suspenseful plot line and a satisfactory dramatic resolution.

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